We purchase entire collections, as well as individual pieces of estate jewelry.

Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher, Inc. is a sixth generation international family jewelry business. Now based in Rockefeller Center in New York City, the firm was first established in 1850 by Julius Fischer in Vienna, Austria. At the beginning, the firm specialized only in natural pearls, the rarest gemstone of that era. It was Robert Fischer, Julius’ grandson, who in the 1920’s broadened the company’s expertise to include rare jewelry. Always maintaining a presence in Switzerland, Robert expanded to offices in London. In 1945 he moved his headquarters across the Atlantic to New York City where the firm has been dealing in rare jewelry and stones for the past eight decades.

The New York years have been indelibly marked by Paul Fisher, Robert’s son, and an icon in the jewelry industry. Committed to the future of his trade, Paul Fisher schooled over 40 international apprentices, educating them about vintage and antique jewelry. Through example he also taught how to do business correctly and ethically. Significantly, he apprenticed three founding IAJA members. In December 2019, Paul Fisher passed away at 92 years of age. He was at this time working everyday from his office in London, still passionate about jewelry after an unprecedented 74 years in the business. He is missed and remembered by many for his knowledge, wisdom, generosity and stellar reputation as a gentleman.

With offices in New York, London and Geneva, also with representation in Paris and Hong Kong, Paul Fisher is a global business renowned for quality, honesty and loyalty. We also participate in numerous international trade shows and salons. In 2018 we trademarked the term ‘Precious Art’, a more accurate description for the unusual and rare one-of-a-kind pieces for which we are known. As purveyors of Precious Art we see our future as responsible educators, helping the consumer to appreciate jewels of the past thus enabling them to build solid collections of these rarities. Ultimately an art investment, these collections may be enjoyed, worn and eventually passed on to following generations.



Today Paul Fisher, Inc. is headed by Marianne Fisher, Paul’s daughter. With the help of her brother John Fisher, she runs the overall business. This includes most European and Asian activity, searching the world over for beautiful jewelry as well as continuing her father’s legacy of commitment to the trade.

Tibor Ullmann, hailing from a fourth generation jewelry family, is the managing director of the New York office. He is also an active buyer and seller.